Get Involved

The misconception that courts are places for only those involved in the justice system allows courts to operate under a cloak of invisibility, obscuring the disparities and inequities they are riddled with.

Thank you for helping demystify courts and expose those inequities.

If you're interested in volunteering, you must first attend a volunteer training session. Sessions happen at least once a month, and you can sign up to attend a training session here.

Once you've completed training, you can begin taking shifts. Currently, we are watching arraignments in the Waterville District Court and the Capitol Judicial Center in Augusta. A schedule for all Maine courts can be found via this link.

To sign up for a shift, use this link.

The actual sessions during your shift may be different length than the total time you signed up for. Once all arraignment sessions during your shift are finished, you are free to leave. However, there may be multiple sessions during your shift, so be sure to check the docket list to make sure arraignments are actually done for your time slot.

If you aren't able to volunteer, or the current dates for trainings don't work for you, join our email list to receive CourtWatch Reports, announcements, and other updates!